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St Michael's Primary School

North Melbourne


'I am known'

‘The simplest and most practical lesson I know is to be good today but better tomorrow’.

Catherine McAuley 1831 

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MACS Governance Statement

St Michael's Primary School is a school that operates with the consent of the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne and is operated and governed by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools Ltd (MACS).


MACS governs and operates 292 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese to continue the mission of Catholic education to proclaim the Good News and equip our young people with the knowledge, skills and hope to live meaningful lives and enrich the world around them.


Because the good work of educating the young is a co-responsible task led by every member of the Catholic school community, School Advisory Councils have been established to provide a crucial point of connection between the wider school community and school leaders.


This governance model was designed to ease the administrative burden on our schools and parishes, allow parish priests to focus on the mission of education in the parish, enable greater collaboration between schools and ensure greater consistency in school policies and procedures.



Welcome to St Michael's

Welcome to St Michael’s Primary, a school with over 150 years of excellence in education. St Michael’s is a welcoming and nurturing community that knows each child. We engage in learning that inspires our students to think deeply and act with justice, compassion and hope. Our personalising of learning is vital to the success of each child’s unique development and preparation for a rapidly changing society. 


‘I Am Known’

‘The simplest and most practical lesson I know is to be good today but better tomorrow’.

Catherine McAuley 1831 


All students attending St Michael's Primary School have the right to feel safe.

The care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people is a fundamental responsibility of all within our school.


Denise Hussey



Our School


Our Students

Our Learning


Our Community

Principal Welcome

We would love to have you join us at St Michael's


Prep-Year 6 Enrolments 2024

Choosing the right school for your child is a very important decision. Meeting and talking with our Principal, and seeing our school in action during the everyday can really help you to get to know us, and all that we can offer your family.

School Tour

Register here

Prep 2025 Enrolments are now open

Apply now

Limited positions are available for 2024 in Prep-Year 6 and can be accepted throughout the year.


School Tour

Extra Curricular Opportunities

St Michael's offers a range of learning opportunities that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum. An extracurricular activity is designed to enhance the students’ social, academic, physical, creative or intellectual learning. Some examples of what is offered at St Michael’s are:


Student Wellbeing

  • Kindergarten Immersion Program

  • Prep & Year 6 Buddy Program

  • Transition Program

  • eSmart

  • Berry Street

  • Inform & Empower Cyber Safety Program

  • Lunchtime Clubs


The Arts

  • Visual Arts

  • Music

  • Choir

  • Rock Band

  • Book Week Activities

  • Art Show

  • Learning Showcases

  • School Concert

  • Creative Music Lessons



  • School Leaders

  • House Leaders

  • Social Justice Leaders

  • Sustainability Leaders

  • Arts Leaders

  • Digital Technology Leaders



  • Mini Vinnies Social Justice Team

  • Confirmation Retreat Day

  • Sacramental preparation

  • Altar service

  • Class Masses

  • Whole School Mass



  • Excursions/Incursions

  • Camps (Years 3/4 & 5/6)

  • Library Open for Weekly Borrowing

  • Royal Park Rangers Program

  • North Melbourne Huddle



  • Swimming Program

  • Cross Country

  • Athletics

  • District Sport

  • Representative sport

  • Kelly Sports

  • North Melbourne AFL Football Clinics

Extra Curricular Opportunities

St Michael's Building Project

Through the support of a State Government Schools Capital Fund Grant, St Michael's Primary will continue to improve and update its buildings and play spaces to cater for an increase in enrolment. This project will be overseen by Clarke, Hopkins, Clarke Architects and will be ready for tender during 2024.  

Building Projec

State of the Art Learning Spaces

Learni Spaces




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Term 1 2024


Week 2

Week 4

Week 6

Week 8


Term 2 2024


Term 3 2024

Week 2

Week 4

Week 6

Week 8

Week 10


Term 4 2024

Week 2

Week 4

Week 6

Week 8

Week 10


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Contact Us

Contact Us

St Michael's Primary School 

North Melbourne

Address: 8 Brougham Street, North Melbourne, 3051

Phone: (03) 9329 9206

Principal: Denise Hussey


Office Hours: 08:15am - 4:15pm

Office Manager: Michelle Scheggia





 Getting Here 

St Michael's can be easily accessed by public transport:

Tram Route Nos: 57, 58, 59

Getting Here
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