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Our School

May I extend a very warm welcome to you and your family. I am very honoured and privileged to be the Principal of St Michael's serving the communities of the Inner City.

St Michael’s Primary School has a long and proud tradition with an excellent reputation in the community. It is a place of optimism, excitement and challenge, where students, parents and staff see each day as a journey, full of purpose, where intellectual engagement and connectedness to the real world are priorities. Personalising learning is vital to the success of each child’s unique development and preparation for a rapidly changing society, confident, resilient and hopeful.

It honours the diversity of the children and families entrusted to it, shaping its endeavours so that all are drawn forward within its mission, formed by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Church and the inspired life of Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Mercy Sisters.


Our Vision

As a welcoming community at St. Michael's we will: 

Unite as one family where all are valued and respected;

Embrace life experiences as opportunities for growth;

Foster self belief and the full potential of each person;

Empower all to act with dignity and purpose;

Engender a love for life long learning; and,

Give witness to and celebrate the presence of Christ in our lives.


Our History

St. Michael's has a long history, over 150 years, of providing education for children within the North Melbourne and surrounding areas. By 1868, the first St. Michael's School was built and opened on a site opposite the present day North Melbourne swimming pool. It was in 1886 that the first Sisters of Mercy arrived from Geelong to lead the education of children at St. Michael's at that site.

The current building in which St Michael’s Primary resides opened in 1918. Many of these children were from families who were experiencing much poverty and unemployment due to the Depression. The school proved to be very important, not only in the lives of the children, but also as a great support to many needy families.

Throughout the generations St Michael’s has proven to be at the forefront of education. The school has always been a welcoming community that embraces diversity and supports all members to forge a successful place for themselves both within and beyond our community.

"The work of the Sisters of Mercy began back in 1831 and continues across the world today, not only by Sisters of Mercy, but by those who work with them in helping students and families.

May the work begun by the Sisters in July 1886, at St. Michael's School continue through the work of dedicated and faith-filled staff, students and families." Sister Mary Lewis (Former Principal, St. Michael's Primary School)

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